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God Loves People!

There are many people in this world who do not believe that God loves them.  You may not believe that God loves you because you may have had bad experiences, poor circumstances or the wrong things that happened to you in life.  I want to encourage you today that God loves you as a person, made in His image and in His likeness.  He loves you and has great plans for you to have a good, successful & prosperous life.

God chooses to love you and every person unconditionally.  There is nothing you could do to change the way God loves you.  God loves good people and bad people.  One reason you can know that God loves you is that He gave you His only Son to save you from sin.  Whether you believe that Jesus is God’s Son or not, He was still given to you so that you can know God and know His plan for your life.  (1 John 4:9)

Another reason you can know that God loves you is He is rich in mercy and He has made you alive with Christ even when we were dead in our sins. (Ephesians 2:4-5).  True love is merciful and shows mercy.  God loves you because He did not give you what you deserve. 

A third reason you can know that God loves you is that while you were a sinner, separated from the life of God and not having a relationship with God, Christ the Messiah died for you.  Jesus died for you proving that He loves you.  He took your sin upon Himself and your punishment and died for you.  His death occurred so you could have eternal life. (Romans 5:8)

You must know that God’s love towards you is precious and steadfast.  When God decided to love you He did not plan to stop loving you.  You must take refuge and trust in God’s love.  You must have faith in God to benefit from the love He has for you.  God’s love is a free gift that has been given to you.  (Psalm 36:7)

You have to know, recognize, perceive and understand God’s love.  You have to have a revelation of God’s love for you.  It is a fact that Jesus laid down His life for you given you an example of how you should treat others.  Love has an element of sacrifice to it and true love always initiates the sacrifice to show its true nature.  You can tell how much someone loves you by the sacrifices that are made for you.  (1 John 3:16)


You can know that God loves you.  He is not the source of anything bad in your life because God is good and He is love.  God chose to love you before you were born and He will love you forever.  Hopefully you can participate in and receive from the love that God loves you with today.  Open your heart and trust in God. 

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