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Testimonies – Look What The Lord Has Done

Victory Christian Fellowship
I testify to God setting my captive heart free to worship Him. As I chose to worship God in captivity, I experienced a closer relationship with God. The more I magnified God the more I was set free. My Father God tells me, O daughter of Zion, SING, SHOUT ALOUD, BE GLAD and REJOICE with ALL my heart!!! WHY??? Because The LORD, the King of Israel, JESUS, has taken away my punishment!! has turned back my enemy!! IS WITH ME!! and I will never again fear any harm!! Zephaniah 3:14,15
This is why I worship God, the way I worship: because I was dead but now I live, I was silent in darkness and despair but now I have light and joy, I was frozen in fear but now I dance in freedom. This great transformation is all because of Jesus, Who has taken away my punishment and fears, He has turned back my enemy and GOD IS WITH ME!!!
God is so awesome, He is worthy of awesome praise, thanksgiving and worship...so let it go fully and freely to the only One Who is worthy!!!